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2016 International Symposium on Government-Led Urban Regeneration and Public Rental Housing  2016/8/12

The Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office invites citizens to participate the” Cultural Consciousness of Pioneers and Trumpeters” exhibition.  2016/7/12

Films of Taipei Communities 2016 Is Seeking Proposals Now, Enthusiastically Welcome Your Participation!  2016/6/13

Stimulating Old Town Memories: Portal to Taipei’s Historic River Studio Grand Opening!  2016/5/10

Mayor Ko’s Fifth Public Information Session – Shilin Regeneration Plan  2016/4/11

In Response to Global Climate Change, Taipei City Announced the “Government-Led Urban Regeneration Implementation Guideline” to Build a Disaster Resilient City  2016/3/2

2016 First Year of Taipei Government-Led Urban Regeneration The City Prepare “8+2 Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan”  2016/2/3

Taipei City signed MOU with Taiwan Railways Administration for Nangang East Transfer Station and East Side Commercial Area Development Plan  2016/1/4

2015 Creative Typology of Taipei House Awards – New Additional Awards  2015/12/9

Public and Private New Cooperation Future: 2015 International Symposium on Government-Led Urban Regeneration  2015/11/10

Taipei City’s Community Planning Station  2015/10/12

Mayor Ko’s Third Public Information Session – Zhongzheng-Wanhua Revival Plan  2015/9/10

Mayor Ko’s Second Public Information Session – Datong Regeneration Plan  2015/8/4

Explore the Social and Democratic Movements During the Japanese Colonization Era  2015/7/13

A Day For Calling – New Ideas for Chien-Cheng Circle  2015/6/4