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2016 First Year of Taipei Government-Led Urban Regeneration The City Prepare “8+2 Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan”

In order to resolve the current urban renewal difficulties, government-led urban Regeneration is a solution that can restructure the function of the urban environment and spillover the benefits to the general public. On January 22, 2016, Deputy Mayor, Charles Lin and Department of Urban Development Commissioner, Jou Min Lin hosted a forum to announce the “8+2 Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan,” which many urban planning and urban renewal experts were invited. According to the Plan, 8 urban regeneration projects will be led by Taipei City Government through government-led urban regeneration method, and 2 projects will be co-led by both Taipei City Government and Central Government. It is expected that the program will motivate and enhance the private-led urban renewal projects.

According to the Deputy Mayor Lin, current urban renewal projects are developed by private sectors. However, it is difficult to provide public benefits for the region by only reconstructing a single building. Taipei City Government had been preparing the plan for government-led urban regeneration and cross-communicating with many government agencies and private land owners. It is believed that there is a necessity to set up an action plan and pursue the government-let urban regeneration for the next 10 years in Taipei.

The Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan will focus on the areas with the potential of constructing transportation hubs, transforming industries, adjusting the function of the region, renovating the public works, providing the public housing, strengthening disaster prevention ability, and preserving landmarks. Taipei City Government will use “8+2 Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan” as the main structure to decide focus areas that will be implemented in the next 5 years (2016~2020).

The Taipei City Government declared 2016 as the first year of Taipei Government-Led Urban Regeneration. A clear policy direction of “8+2 Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan” is that the City will no longer remain in the reviewer’s role but will insert itself into implementer’s role by using the means through urban planning, urban design, and urban renewal to be active in the urban regeneration process.

Under the government-led urban regeneration master plan, Taipei City Government will take charge of the planning while inviting private investments to participate through an open process. Public investments will be inserted when it is necessary. In addition, temporary housing will be provided during the rebuilding process while introduce additional public infrastructure to improve the physical environment. The Taipei City Government will try to establish a standard of procedure from the “8+2 Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan” as an example for other private renewal projects. The Taipei City Government is open to introduce investment for the private sectors to create job opportunities, provide public housings, initiate public works, and improve transportation systems in the next 5 years. Furthermore, Taipei City Government envisions the “8+2 Government-Led Urban Regeneration Master Plan” to bring new energy for Taipei’s urban regeneration process and increase the competitive advantage for the city.

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