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Mayor Ko’s Fifth Public Information Session – Shilin Regeneration Plan

On March 19th, Taipei City Government held the “Shilin Regeneration Outdoor Information Session” activity at Bai-Ling Senior High School. The policy themes displayed at the Shilin Regeneration Plan (SRP) were urban planning, transportation integration, international performing arts, tourism development, and maintaining green and water resources. Details of the SRP and policies were filled in by the Deputy Mayor, Commissioners of the Department of Urban Development, Department of Economic Development, Department of Transportation, Department of Culture, Department of Public Works and Department of Information and Tourism. Mayor Wen-Je Ko continued to vow that the core value of his administration are transparency, public involvement, and creativity. In addition, over 1000 citizens and local representatives attended the session.

Both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor shared their strategy in regenerating Shilin District. Shilin is a district filled with attractions including several new invested public projects, such as the Taipei Performing Arts Center, and Mayor Ko believed these resources should be planned more efficiently to promote Taipei’s tourism while creating a livable environment for Shilin residents. Deputy Mayor Lin explained his strategy by utilizing government-led urban regeneration to create a secondary longitudinal transportation corridor, which will align newly invested public projects in Shilin District. This new transportation corridor will be the key to maximize each projects potential impact to regenerate Shilin. Furthermore, Deputy Mayor Lin expressed that the government’s goal is to reshape Shilin that is uniquely special in Taipei and to the international community.

There are a total of 20 citizens who spoke at the public information session. In respond to the citizen’s opinion, Mayor Ko spoke about the newly establish community planning studio that has been opened to the public (Address: No.22 Zhongxin Street). This station will continue to gather resident opinions on how to reshape Shilin’s future. For more information about the “Shilin Regeneration Outdoor Information Session” and complete transcript can be found on the Urban Regeneration Office website.

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