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Stimulating Old Town Memories: Portal to Taipei’s Historic River Studio Grand Opening!

By encouraging local resident to vision about their neighborhood’s future and to preserve its character, the Taipei Urban Regeneration Office (URO) continues to roll-out programs that bring energy and prompt brainstorming exercises into communities. One of its recent programs was the opening of Portal to Taipei’s Historic River Studio on April 30, 2016. Through a series of lectures, studios exhibitions, and tour guides, URO hopes to stimulate reminiscent memories of Tamsui riverside grandeur past.

Portal to Taipei’s Historic River Studio is located on Huajiang resettled tenement community housing built in the 1970s. The community was designed by famous architects such as, T.H. Shen, Chi-Kwan Chen, Bao-Yu Huang, Er-Pan Gao, Yue-Zhen Yu, Bing-Cai Guo. Other than community standpipes, parks, the sewage treatment plant, police stations, kindergartens, gas stations, Huajiang resettled tenement community has a high ceiling first floor, arcades linked second floor and mysterious hanging gardens. At the community’s peak, there were 478 units of housing shops, and 180 underground booths in the 1970s. The Portal to Taipei’s Historic River Studio naming reflects its close proximity to Taipei First Pier, Taipei First Street and Huajiang Bridge. Hence, the URO continues to experiment the possibility of transforming the neighborhood into a waterfront ecological community to pursue urban sustainability.

Recently, Portal to Taipei’s Historic River Studio held its first outside community guide at 10 a.m on April 30, 2016. The tour will travel from Shakan Village to Dali Street. This activity and activities listed above are part of URO’s untraditional soft urbanism methods to gradually stimulate new possibilities in old neighborhoods. For more information, please contact Ms. Jiang of URO Coordination Section. (02-2321-5696 Ext. 3057)

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