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“URS Partner” August Launch! Come and Experience Different Aspect of Taipei

The Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO) has organized the “URS Partner” program since 2012. This program is to appropriately respond issues that neighborhood concerned. In addition, it attempts to attract enthusiastic and creative organizations to participate in urban regeneration. This year, several creative activities of the project launch in August, which the URO welcome citizens to take part in.
Base on Taipei’s organic urban development, this year “URS Partner” program will use “The Progressive City” as its main theme to host series of activities in August.
The following are the correspondent activities:
(1) “My Tree Neighbors –Monitoring Toad Mountain Environment’’ this activity uses trees as main theme, and to set up the ecological community database and make the sustainable community together.
(2) “Eat after Work” this activity will be hold in Nanjichang that include lecture workshop activities. Through active participation, people can reconsider the distribution and waste of food and how to effectively reuse those wasted food.
(3) “Brilliant Time – Taipei Main Station Moving Library” this activity cooperates with the Brilliant Time bookstore to use the concept of a mobile library and will be based at Taipei Maim Station to host book fairs, book clubs and film exhibitions etc. to create brand new literary landscapes in Taipei.
(4) “OPTOGO – Hong Kong Taiwan Month” this activity is host by CxCITY. They continue the concept from OPTOGO in EXPO Milano 2015; this event will cooperate and communicate with Hong Kong communities to transmit Taiwanese culture to Hong Kong.
URS Partner deeply engage on urban regeneration issues, while it displays the Taiwanese experience to the world. The URO encourages everyone to be part of URS Partner program and brainstorm to create new ideas for urban regeneration. For more information, please websearch URS Partner blog (, URS Partner fan page ( and Village Taipei ( or contact Ms. Jiang of URO Coordination Section (02-27815696/3120).

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