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Taipei City Government will hold 12 illustration meetings to accelerate the Taipei City Government-Led Urban Regeneration of Lanzhou-Siwen neighborhood from September 24th to November 30th.

The Lanzhou-Siwen Government-Led Urban Regeneration Project is one of Taipei City’s flagship projects. In order to gather local support, Taipei City Government has held 22 public meetings in the Lanzhou and Siwen urban village about the upcoming Government-Led Urban Regeneration Project (GLURP) since the end of 2014. This year, Taipei City Government will continue to communicate and gather local opinion on the GLURP. The Taipei City Government has established a community planning studio from March to June to gather information, and will host 12 additional meetings from September 24th to November 30th to open discuss with residents. Furthermore The Taipei City Government hoped to become the official implementer of the Lanzhou-Siwen Project.
On September 24th, Urban Regeneration Office (URO) Director Fang Ding-An personally hosted the first meeting. These meeting have gained attention from Taipei City’s Legislative Councilors, which Legislative Councilor Huang Hsiang-Chun, and 5 Legislative councilor’ office directors attend the first meeting. The Head of Siwen Urban Village Ms. Jiang and 80 local residents also participated in the meeting. Director Fang and Urban Redevelopment Center (URC) Supervisor Su explained the GLURP planning process, and answered questions from residents. During the meeting, Councilor Huang and Ms. Jiang openly supported the Lanzhou-Siwen project and praise the government’s effort in organizing the 12 meetings. Nevertheless, most residents are concerned about the continuation of this project and the right of transfer. These opinions gathered from local meetings will serve as an important reference for the URO to move with the project.
Director Fang appreciated the participation from residents and stakeholders’ active input in the Government-Led Urban Regeneration of Lanzhou-Siwen project. Moreover, Direct Fang firmly believe that one of the purposes for the government is to take action in urban renewal and provide quality living environment in deteriorated neighborhood. Taipei City Government hopes that the following meetings could make local residents understand and support urban regeneration plans and serve as its fuel to accelerate the Taipei City Government-Led Urban Regeneration process.
The project’s community planning studio is located at No.75, Datong St., Datong Dist., Taipei City. The opening hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30~17:30; Tuesday, Thursday 12:30~20:30. For more information, please contact Mr. Su (02-25961518#202) or Mr. Chen of URO (02-27815696#3126).

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