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A Quick Overview of the Lanzhou-Siwen Government-Led Urban Regeneration Project.

Lanzhou and Siwen are resettled tenement communities located in Datong District, and are urgently need for renewal. The Taipei City government has invested about 2.08billion dollars urban renewal funds in advance and established a community planning studio to gather local opinions. From September 24th, it will host 12 additional meetings to make local residents agree with the Taipei City government becoming the official implementer of the Lanzhou-Siwen Project.
The purpose of the Lanzhou-Siwen government-led urban regeneration is to protect underprivileged residents’ right and improve their deteriorated living environment. Through establishing a community planning studio, the Taipei City government can receive opinions and recommendations from local residents and will incorporate their opinion and update the project’s plan.
The community planning studio has been established for a year. This year (2016), the staff from the studio continues to communicate with residents and formulate their ideal vision of its ownership. Furthermore, additional meetings have been held since September 24th. In each 6 meetings Taipei City Government’s planning team provided detailed illustrations about the development stages and developing method of the Lanzhou-Siwen project. Nevertheless, Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office and Taipei Regeneration Center will continue to achieve the local residents dream for a better living environment. Additional meetings will continue until the end of November and the Taipei City Government welcome every resident to join these meeting. The Taipei City Government hope by informing the residents will help increase support for this project and serve as its fuel to accelerate the Taipei City Government-Led Urban Regeneration process.
The project’s community planning studio is located at No.75, Datong St., Datong Dist., Taipei City. The opening hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30~17:30; Tuesday, Thursday 12:30~20:30. For more information, please contact Mr. Su (02-25961518#202) or Mr. Chen of URO (02-27815696#3126).

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