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Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office


Taipei City Government Launch “Datong District Master Plan Overall Review” through “Reuse of Old Buildings Project” Now Starting to Collect Community Demand!

On January 14th 2017, the Taipei City Government officially opened “Reuse of Old Buildings Project – Daqiao 72 and 83 Bases” in Guo-Shun and Jing-Xing Neighborhoods and began to gather ideas of Datong District Master Plan Overall Review. Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-Rong led members of Department of Urban Development, master plan planners and community planners to announce “Datong District Master Plan Overall Review” now starting to collect community demand.
The Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-Rong said that since July 2014, the Taipei City Government announced the beginning of Datong Regeneration Plan; the city government set several community planner systems to gather community demand (including Changji street community planner studio, Dihua street community planner studio, Lanzhou-Siwen government-led urban regeneration project working station and Daqiao Atelier). The most important basis of Taipei urban regeneration plans is to integrate citizens’ ideas. The Daqiao 72 Base will be the official station to gather ideas of Datong District Master Plan Overall Review from residents.
The Department of Urban Development Commissioner Lin Chou-Ming said that the Department of Urban Development cooperating with the Urban Regeneration Office (URO) and community planners to implement the subproject (Ming-Lung elementary school and the Dalong market) of Datong Regeneration Plan so far has a significant progress and the Taipei City Government will strive to achieve the goal of the follow-up project “Reuse of Old Buildings Project”.
The City Councilor Huang Hsiang-Chun approved of the Taipei City Government’s achievement and said that the city government uses new urban regeneration mechanism to stimulate and brings energy to old neighborhoods, Reuse of Old Buildings Project and Datong District Master Plan Overall Review could really change the Datong District’s environment.
The Chief of Jing-Xing Village Zhang Hui-Wen said that two years ago she did not understand the Reuse of Old Buildings Project. However, there are two characteristic old buildings that now open to public and bring energy to neighborhoods. She really appreciates the community planners of this project (led by Lecturer Liu Xin-Rong, Tamkang University) and emphasizes that this project combines social welfare system and reuse of original characteristic space. And The Chief of Guo-Shung Village Chen Ying-Huei said that the Reuse of Old Buildings Project remains the characteristics of neighborhoods and can be the basis of urban regeneration.
Reuse of Old Buildings Project – Daqiao 72 and 83 Bases will hold several activities such as community kitchen, cuisine class, artist studio, Master Plan Overall Review atelier and architecture exhibition etc. to bring energy and revive neighborhoods. For more information, please search the Facebook fan page of Daqiao Atelier (http://www.facebook.com/DaQiaoAtelier).