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Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office


2017 Dadaocheng Summer Public Art Festival Welcomes Citizens to Experience Different Dadaocheng

This year, the regeneration base of Taipei City “URS127 Art Factory” (URS127) held Dadaocheng Summer Public Art Festival from June 17th to July 2th. The festival aims to bring contemporary art to Dadaocheng historical district, triggering old town regeneration. Thirteen new generation artists and thirteen public art projects were turning the historical streets into the exhibition. The arts and open air performances in public space are trying to combine the local industries, religions, culture and landscape. The project “Shape of Love” for example, a bundle of illuminated baskets hanging in front of Ama Museum, reflecting a new aspect of traditional handcraft, love and human right. Those innovative arts have invited participants to enjoy a cross-cultural atmosphere in Dadaocheng.
To encourage participants discovering the beauty of old town, a specially designed brochure with stamps guides the visitors to walk through a variety of attractions and local shops. Moreover, URS127 cooperates with URS27W, URS155 and URS329 to hold several activities such as the workshop of culinary experience and handmade ceramic.
The collaboration between URS and the locals is a base for a better Dadaocheng. Dadaocheng Summer Public Art Festival has been held for two years and attempts to inject creativity into old streets. It evokes the diverse cultures and people that come from all over the world to take root in Dadaocheng. The festival is not only an impetus for boosting local economy, but also gives a chance to local residents and visitors to think about the future development of Dadaocheng.