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Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office


Films of Taipei Communities 2016 Is Seeking Proposals Now, Enthusiastically Welcome Your Participation!

The Taipei Urban Regeneration Office (URO) will host” Living Circus 2016: filming neighborhood and creative social proposals”, and the registration deadline is June 20, 2016!

In order to implement a sustainable community development system and nurture members to film about their neighborhood stories, Taipei City Government has been promoting a program to educate and encourage residents to make films about their neighborhood stories for 9 years and already have 104 films. Currently URO aims to broaden its viewing audience to experience excellent and touching stories on neighborhoods through films.

The goal of this program is to involve community members through film making. Local residents that participate in this program not only will capture their neighborhood lifestyle but also raise important local issues. These films will then be broadcast in their respective neighborhoods as a method to communicate and receive feedback from other local residents. The purpose is to encourage neighborhood participation while facing the issues that need to be dealt with. In return, neighborhoods will create proposals that fund the community planning initiatives and programs.

URO will held information sessions between sign up and deadline time to inform interest participant with more detailed information. Every individual and groups who are interested in public issues, filming, urban regeneration or community development are welcome to sign up and join.

For more information, please contact Mr. Wu of N.P.O. Studio (02-28741852 or 0932589117) or Mr. Yu of URO Coordination Section.(02-2781-5696#3124)