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Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office


Green Life and Taipei Old District Regenerations

As Taipei City’s economic center shifted towards the east, early developed urban areas have shown signs of physical deterioration creating an unsafe environment to reside. Technical and time restraints in the traditional urban renewal process, providing residents a comfortable living space becomes an urgent issue. Taipei City Government has rolled-out several programs, “Community Planning Studio”, “Open Green”, “Reuse of Old Buildings Plans” and “Demonstration of Advertising Community Development”, to regenerate old communities.
Since the City Government publically announced the “Datong Regeneration Plan”, “Shilin Regeneration Plan”, “Zhongzheng Wanhua Reviving Plan” and “East Gateway Development Plan”, Taipei City Government established several community planning studios to serve as a communication platform between local residents and the city government. Based on different community characteristics, the studios have three distinct operational types. One type of studio actively interview residents, and the other stimulate community development and social networking. The last type combines both characteristics of the previous two types; they not only take the active actions but also facilitate local development. In addition, by establishing a social network system citizens now can learn information through each studio’s Facebook.
Taipei City Government also invite planning experts to facilitate in bring our neighborhoods and communities together. An example is the plan “Open Green” project, which is the concept to create green urban space and scenery through proposals from the community. Another plan “Reuse of Old Buildings” is to cooperate with professional groups to brainstorm new capabilities and possibilities of these old buildings. Last “Demonstration of Advertising Community Development” involves residents to engage in urban design through advertisement. For more information, please contact Miss. Tsai of Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (2781-5696#3135).