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Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office


Call for Proposals: 2017 Regeneration of Old Buildings for New Uses Plan

Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office is pleased to announce an open call for space regeneration proposals in Datong District and in Wanhua District, during the period November 1 to November 30, 2017. The space operators, either as a property owner or as a group, who have ideas to transform neighborhoods, are all welcome to take part.
The “Regeneration of Old Buildings for New Uses Plan” started in 2015 with aims of “renovating empty houses, regenerating neighborhoods and encouraging social innovation in decaying area of Taipei. The experimental cases, a shared kitchen and a local gallery in Guoshun village and Jingxing village, have successfully become the community core where the locals come together to work and to share their daily life. Additionally, people are engaged in conversation of local issues, facilitating greater public participation in urban planning.
In 2017, Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office looks forward to a new value of old buildings in space transformation and launches an open call for wider space regeneration proposals.
Guidelines for submissions
 The Applicant must be over 20 years of age at the time of submission, interested in integration of building renovation, community and social innovation, either apply as an individual, group or incorporated association. No limits on place of residents.
 The building (space) located in early developed neighborhoods of Datong District and Wanhua District would be considered with priority.
 Proposals are supposed to provide shared space for the local people and to be involved with (but not limited) issues of neighborhood regeneration.
Time for Application
The call is open on 1st of November and close on 31st of October 2017, before 17:00 (GMT+8)
For documents required for application and general questions on the Open Call please contact Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (Tel: +886 2 27815696 ext. 3025). For detailed information, please contact The Urbanists Collaborative Co., Ltd (Tel: +886 2 77110779).