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Privacy Policy

無標題文件 Security prevention:
This website features firewalls and a remote monitoring and anti-tracking system to prevent intrusion by hackers. Anti-virus computer software and an automatic backup system have been established; the mainframe employs fault detection measures, and uses an intelligent uninterruptible power supply system to ensure system stability. The system features comprehensive security prevention applications.

Management and analysis:
Bandwidth flow rate management is implemented internally to allocate and adjust bandwidth resources adequately in order to ensure the speed and quality of network traffic for citizens. Website browsing conditions are analyzed and statistics are compiled on a regular basis so as to understand the cyber citizens’ service demands from our office.

Software updates:
All software is maintained in the most recent version.

Privacy Notice

A portion of the website applies cookie technology. A cookie is a small text file which is stored in your computer for accessing personal data previously entered by the user. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether to accept or reject cookies, or let you know how to remove them. You may set most browsers to alert you upon receipt of a cookie, or you may choose to block cookies in the browser.

Personal data:
This is data you have entered or created in this website such as your name, contact details and other relevant information. In order to protect your rights, our website will only use these for reference analysis and to contact you, and will never disclose your personal data for business purposes without obtaining your prior approval

We would like to remind you that when you voluntarily disclose your personal information online, such as on a message or discussion board, such information may be collected and used by others. You may receive unsolicited emails from others as a result.