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Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office Initiate the Renewal of Chlorine Ions Polluted Buildings, and the Safety of Living has Increased!

At night on 6th Feb. 2018, people were awaked by crumbling ceilings. "I was almost dropped into the falling concretes, and hopefully Taipei City Government can now face the issue of residential safety." Resident lives in Chiuan Jia Fu community, which has been inspected as chlorine ions polluted buildings, was frightened and said.


In order to accelerate stakeholders conducting building reconstruction. Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO) has approved the Renewal project of Chiuan Jia Fu community on 25th June 2019, and Under the continuous communication and mutual trust of stakeholders, the urban renewal business implementer, Ruentex Development Co.,Ltd. and the government, the demolition and construction plan will be expected to implement on next coming October. However, URO will not be satisfied simply because one case has been completed, not to mention that there are nearly 20 similar buildings in Taipei have not been resolved.


Consider that most of the shoddy construction-built objects are difficult to integrate all the authorities of stakeholders, URO had established Urban renewal consulting workstation to help citizens process such structural safety concerns building and delineated 19 renewal areas to deal with it.


That is to say, according to article 37 of Urban Renewal Act, lands and house owners who is located into designated areas as well as acquire more than 50-percent agreement in renewal business of stakeholders, can submit Urban renewal business plan and handling the renovation of dangerous buildings immediately.  As we said, the safety of living is even more urgent.