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Urban Regeneration Stations(URSs)

The Urban Regeneration Station is established to create a new urban forum and opportunities for public participation, which consists with the sustainable strategy for the future. Urban renewal in the past emphasized strategies, such as reconstructing buildings, and enhancing and revitalizing the environment of old communities. However, a new blue sea strategy is required for existing built up areas, and urban economy states. Urban regeneration seeds need to be planted in the deadlocked urban development framework, and we collectively call them "the Urban Regeneration Stations", which is abbreviated as URSs.
URS is a platform, a network and a campaign. It is a quiet urban revolution initiated by the Urban Redevelopment Office of Taipei City Government. Each URS is named by its house number. The space can be used as an area for workshops, a common place for neighborhood activities, a hot spot for information gathering, a public space for social interaction, a venue for exhibitions, a location for experimental actions, and a resting area for tourists of the city. Being the base of space and action, and present and future, URSs will extend into a new network system with creative atmosphere for development with good will. Furthermore, it would transform into Soft Urbanism, with infinite possibilities.

Current URS include:
1. URS 13 – Revived Vanguard(Urban Regeneration Station)
2. URS 21, Zhongshan Distribution Site – Creative Incubator
3. URS 27 – The Grand Green
4. URS 44, No. 44, Sec. 1, Dihua St. - History House
5. URS 127, No. 127, Sec. 1, Dihua St. - Design Gallery
6. URS 155, No. 155, Sec. 1, Dihua St. - Academic Urbaine
7. URS 89-6 – Regeneration Plant

URS 127 Blog http://tku127.blogspot.com/