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Contact Information

Address: 17F, No. 168, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104105
Tel: For international callers, please dial 886-2-2781-5696.

■ Planning Section 
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3016
Carries out urban renewal and development research, drafts urban redevelopment policies and laws and urban redevelopment plans, designates urban redevelopment areas, manages redevelopment funds, takes charge of business management and financial analysis of redeveloped real estate, controls budget, manages subsidy programs as well as bulk transfer, promotes public relations and public service.

■ Project Section 
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3050 
Carries out drafting, review, approval, coordination, supervision, and management of reconstruction, renovations, and other urban renewal tasks

■ Engineering Section 
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3155 
Carries out the planning, supervision, and implementation of engineering work for redevelopment projects, construction for community environment improvement, and other promotion programs

■ Coordination Section 
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3133
Carries out the planning, counselling and implementation of district revitalization; the promotion of public-private partnerships strategies; the managment of community collaboration.

■ Administrative Services
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3114 
Carries out work in the areas of documentation, research, general affairs, chops and seals, disbursement, legal affairs, filing, financial management, maintenance project outsourcing, and tasks not taken by other sections or offices

■ Accounting Office
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3170
Carries out work on budget, accounting, and statistics

■ Personnel Office 
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3166 
Takes charge of personnel management

■ Government Ethics Office 
Tel. 02-27815696 ext. 3176 
Takes charge of ethical matters